Various prestigious awards are given to seniors at the end of the school year. Most have been traditions of East for many years. Recipients of school awards are selected by various committees of teachers and coaches throughout the school based on their contributions to the school and their fellow students during their years at East. The following awards are given in honor of specific alumni, teachers or organizations who are part of our East community.

Christensen-Hewlett Award

The Christensen-Hewlett award cup was donated to East High School by the students after the 1963 automobile accident which took the lives of Fleming Christensen and Lin Hewlett, two of East's finest athletes. The cup is engraved with the name of a senior athlete who has shown outstanding scholarship, leadership, athletic ability and citizenship. The recipient is chosen by consensus of all athletic coaches.

Robert M. Hunsaker Memorial

This award was established by Mrs. Bertha Hunsaker Vantussenbroek in memory of her son, Robert, for his outstanding participation on the varsity basketball team. The recipient is selected by the basketball coaches.

Erik Hoff Memorial Award

A student is awarded this plaque for his/her excellent record in any individualized sport. This award is given in memory of Erik Hoff who was an outstanding pole vaulter at East High School who was killed in a boating accident. The recipient is selected by the coaches in general.

Distinguished Scholar/Athlete

This award is given annually to an athlete who excels in more than one sport and exhibits leadership and academic excellence. The recipient is chosen by the coaching staff based on athletics and academics.

Dow Young Memorial

Mr. Dow Young was an instrumental music teacher at EHS from 1954-71. While at East he and his various organizations became the trademark by which superior highs school instrumental music groups were judged. Many of the programs Mr. Young started are still traditions at East. Receiving this award with Dow Young's name attached to it is a great honor because he exemplified total dedication to and love of instrumental music. The winners are selected by the Music Department.

Hepworth-Woolston Award

Connie Jo Hepworth was a dance teacher at EHS from 1958 until 1987. Her dance program was considered one of the most outstanding in the country. The recipient of this award is selected by consensus of the Fine Arts Department.

Lorraine Bowman Memorial Scholarship

Lorraine was a vocal music teacher at East during the 50's and 60's. In addition to her reputation as an outstanding teacher, she reached out to every student whose need she comes to know, and she gave without reserve. She was killed in 1969 in an automobile accident. The recipient of this award is chosen by the vocal music teacher.

Derek Herenden Memorial Award

This award was established by Mrs. Linda Young, in memory of her son who was killed in 1982 while riding his bike. The student is chosen who is outstanding in creative arts and has an excellent citizenship record. This recipient is chosen by consensus of the Fine Arts Department.

Hansen-Eldredge Memorial Award

This award is dedicated to two young men who were killed in a tragic automobile accident and was set up for the purpose of   honoring a person who personifies the traits of industry, integrity, enthusiasm, wit, loyalty, involvement, and concern for others in the conduct of their daily lives and activities. This recipient is chosen by the applied technology staff.

Spirit of East Award

This award is given to students who have made exceptional contributions to the school by their promotion of school spirit.

Heart of the Leopard Award

This award is given to students who have demonstrated loyalty and support to EHS by attendance at school activities, and willingness to promote the school with spirit, labor, and dedication.

Exchange Club Award

The Exchange Club Award is an opportunity to honor outstanding students who have exhibited excellence in academics and leadership. The recipient serves as a role model to his or her peers, by exhibiting exceptional scholastic achievement and respect for self and others. The recipients have illustrated that the diligent pursuit of higher ideals truly brings rewards.

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award

The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen award honors an outstanding East High School senior who demonstrates the qualities of good citizenship - dependability (which includes truthfulness, loyalty, and punctuality); service(which includes cooperation, courtesy, and consideration of others); leadership (which includes personality, self-control, and ability to assume responsibility); and patriotism (which includes unselfish interest in family, school, community and nation) to an outstanding degree.

Simin Mostofi Memorial

Endowed by Dr. and Mrs. Khosrow Mostofi Simin was a senior at East High School when she was tragically killed in an automobile accident on March 16, 1980. Her parents and friends joined together to create a memorial for her. Included in that memorial, is the award to an East High senior who will be attending the University of Utah and who has overcome obstacles in the pursuit of academic excellence. This is a $1,000.00 tuition award. The recipient is chosen by staff members of the University of Utah.

Cheryl Funston Award

This award is given in honor of Cheryl Funston, a former teacher at East High who was dedicated to ensuring in each student the love of reading. Recognizes a senior who substantially improves their proficiency in reading.

Leopard's Paw Award

This award was started by Lynnette Grant Orme (class of 1966), the BOC advisor in 2004.  This award is for a graduating senior who has overcome hardships, worked hard and completed graduation requirements in difficult circumstances their goals. 

East High Scholarships

  • Gates Millenium Scholarship
  • Madeline Lee Hales Foundation
  • Ream's Food Store's Foundation Merit Scholarship
  • Community of Caring Service Scholarship Award
  • Bonneville Kiwanis Barney Tanner Scholarship
  • Horne Foundation Scholarship
  • East High First Generation Scholarship
  • Comcast Leaders and Achievers

Alumni Class Scholarships

Individual classes award current seniors college scholarships based on the specific criteria determined by the alumni of that class. Currently, the Classes of 1950, 1951, 1952, and 1955 have been very active in awarding these scholarships. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship fund at East please contact our Scholarship Coordinator Alisa Kearl at 801-583-1661 or